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Innovation no go? 3 must-ask questions

by Neil Follett - February 21, 2017

This is an excerpt from a Brightworks whitepaper featuring innovative ideation techniques for healthcare marketers. You can access the free whitepaper here.

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It’s an ongoing process and it needs constant cultivation. Asking the following questions can ensure your ideas are both relevant and effective.

3 must-ask innovation questions for marketers

Question 1: Where is there friction in my product or service – and how can I reduce that friction?

An example: Here’s the obligatory Uber reference. Think about the process of getting a cab. The entire customer experience is wrought with anxiety and uncertainty. By being transparent about arrival times, trip costs and recommended routes, Uber was able to transform an entire industry.

Question 2: Where and how are audiences consuming my content?

An example: The mobile search process isn’t always intuitive – especially when it comes to eating out. Users are forced to toggle between restaurant menus, reviews and maps to find exactly what they’re looking for. The Yelp app addresses these pain points by focusing on the context of their content, leveraging maps and augmented reality to create a truly intimate user experience.

Question 3: How can I use technology to communicate the story to audiences in a more meaningful way?

An example: To recreate that feeling of magic that children experience when flying, British Airways (BA) developed a custom digital billboard. Whenever a BA plane flew into the billboard’s trigger zone, a BA ad appeared, featuring a playful child pointing towards the sky, calling out the passing plane’s flight number and destination. The effect was indeed magic.

It’s time for brands to take a more customer-centric approach

Notice anything similar about these innovation-inspiring questions? That’s right – they’re all focused on the customer. And while a positive customer experience may seem like an obvious concern, many brands still tend to prioritize their own interests over the needs of their customers.

For more, and for some examples specific to our healthcare marketing clients, check out our free whitepaper.

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