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IWD2020: 15 Tips from the Women of Brightworks

by Brightworks Marketing Team - March 8, 2020

Here at Brightworks, we are fortunate to have a team full of passionate, caring, strong and intelligent women (and some pretty great guys too!).

In honour of International Women’s Day, we reached out to the ladies of our team to see if they had any advice for the next generation of women coming up in the advertising industry.  Here are a few of their tips – these can really be applied to any industry, and we encourage you to share them with the ladies in your life!

Your voice matters – believe in yourself!

  • “No matter who you’re talking to, speak honestly. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings on a matter.”
  • “Speak up when you know you have something valuable to say. Don’t be scared that your point won’t be as appreciated, important or effective as something someone else said ­– trust that you are providing insight”
  • “Fake it until you make it…but afterwards, give yourself some credit – you weren’t actually faking it; you are capable, qualified and clever now, and were in that moment.”
  • “Your opinions matter, regardless of your title.”
  • “Speak up for yourself, advocate and make sure that your value and contributions are recognized.”

Be thoughtful in your work and your actions.

  • “Do your homework. Prepare ahead of time by getting all your facts in order.”
  • “Talk less, listen more – that way when you do talk, it’s something thoughtful.”
  • “Come to the table with solutions, not problems.”
  • “The timing of what you say is often as important as what you actually say.”

Be kind and lead with integrity.

  • “Be consistent in your behaviour.”
  • “Be open to sharing and learning – we are all just trying to figure it out.”
  • “Treat people how they want to be treated, not how you would want to be treated – they aren’t you”
  • “Don’t forget to thank people and acknowledge when a good job has been done.”
  • “Treat all your colleagues as your equals – they’re the people you can count on to advocate on your behalf.”
  • “Stay accountable to your work and your team – never throw anyone under the bus”

Just some words of advice from the women of BW! Happy International Women’s Day!


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