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Taking the pulse of digital marketing with Steve Levy

by Brightworks Marketing Team - April 10, 2019

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to have Steve Levy, COO of Ipsos Canada (and veteran Innovation Day keynote), speak at our client breakfast session at the Broadview Hotel.  He presented us with some insights from CMA’s 2018 Digital Marketing Pulse survey, and shared his perspective on the current marketing landscape and where he thinks it’s headed.

We followed up with him for his top 3 takeaways from this year’s data…here are his thoughts:

1 – “The marketing landscape is increasingly complex and as a result, specialization is creeping in everywhere.  There’s a constant need to keep up, which means that investing in people/training/professional development has never been more important.”

2 – “Privacy and the need to protect personal information is clearly a concern, but it is not a de-railer.  Canadians have largely not changed the way they use social media and marketers have not changed the way that they use the social platforms.”

3 – “At the moment, augmented reality and wearables are interesting consumer products, but not serious advertising platforms. They haven’t been shown to be scalable, are expensive and there are very few clear use cases.”

A big thank you to Steve for sharing your insights with us!


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