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The East kicks ass!

by Brightworks Marketing Team - September 24, 2018

When we moved to Queen and Broadview 5 years ago, it felt like a pretty huge leap. An agency, in the East End, across from a rooming house and strip club? We thought it might be harder to attract talent, and wondered where we’d go for lunch if we didn’t want pizza. Man how things have changed. Jilly’s is now the Broadview Hotel, ranked as one of the best in the world, two new brew pubs have opened within a block of us, new condos are going up and there is a general buzz around the East. Here are our top 5 faves:

  1. Broadview Hotel – Rated as one of the best new bars in the city (check out who’s in the photo!), The Broadview has changed the game for sure. Get to the rooftop early to grab a seat and the amazing view of downtown.
  2. Prohibition Gastro House – A Riverside institution with great eats and a “Hooch Hour” for very cheap drinks.
  3. Good Neighbour – This place makes us more stylish with the superb collection of curated clothing brands, and makes us more thoughtful with the selection of gifts!
  4. Silhouette Tailoring – The perfect place to get the pants you bought at Good Neighbour hemmed.
  5. Pinkertons – Doesn’t look like much on the outside, but inside you’ll find a cozy spot with great eats and spectacular cocktails – they can be credited for kicking off the “Gerones” revolution. 


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