When you love it this much, can you really call it “work”?

  • Brightworks helps NeoGenomics support cancer patients during COVID

    COVID 19 has been especially hard on cancer patients, with shocking drops in both testing and treatment due to the pandemic. In fact, there had been a ~50% decrease in the rate of diagnosis for breast, colorectal, lung, pancreatic, gastric, and esophageal cancers combined. NeoGenomics, a leader in oncology diagnostics, understood the significance of this challenge and wanted to do their part to help. 

  • Provident Bank’s “Commitment You Can Count On” Videos

    For more than 180 years, Provident Bank has served consumers and businesses in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania with their banking needs. They are committed to their customers and their communities, and every day they stand by their brand promise of “Commitment you can count onSM”.

  • Galderma Restylane Social Media

    Dermal fillers are more popular today than ever before, especially lip fillers (hello, Kylie Jenner!).  Still, some view treatment as taboo. When Restylane Canada came to us with the ask to develop a social presence, we took the opportunity to destigmatize treatment and position the brand as a go-to source for treatment information.  Find out how we did it!

  • Abbott “Freedom” Campaign

    Diabetes is a pain, literally. Pricking your finger, day in and day out, to test glucose can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and embarrassing. The FreeStyle Libre system changes that, and while the product launch was a tremendous success, the marketing approach was more focused on features and benefits, than it was on the tremendous impact the system can have on people’s lives.  It was time to change all that.

  • Schwarzkopf Professional’s First Influencer Campaign

    It’s a fact, good hair gets noticed – especially when that hair is in the hands of some of Instagram’s top hairstyling influencers. For the launch of Schwarzkopf Pro’s demi-permanent product line, Vibrance, we needed to prove to stylists that this new product made the cut. So, we called on the top industry influencers to share their real “first use” reactions to get their followers talking – and trying.

  • Corner Gas Launches Into the Rest of the World

    Canada is known for its maple syrup, Mounties, and freezing winters, but when it comes to TV, we’re not always on the map. With Canada’s most popular comedy of all time, Corner Gas, launching on Amazon Prime Video, we knew we needed to grab attention internationally. But how do you get people to take notice in the US-eh? With a targeted media campaign that takes advantage of consumer behaviours during the holiday season, of course!

  • BD Diabetes Care customer activation

    BD came to Brightworks with a unique challenge: they wanted to convince patients that the BD Nano™ 4mm Pen Needle was worth switching to. Using real patients to tell their stories, we partnered with BD and The Mark Studios to build an activation campaign that spoke to the importance of proper injection technique, in addition to highlighting key features that set the BD Nano™ apart from other pen needles on the market. Here’s how we did it! 

  • Sun Pharma ABSORICA® Tracker App

    For patients with severe acne, the road to treatment can be long and frustrating, so Sun Pharmaceuticals wanted to support patients with an app that would be there with them every step of the way once they started treatment with ABSORICA. To do this, we needed to provide tools and resources that would keep patients engaged and help them get the most out of their treatment. See what we came up with!

  • Camp Brightworks – Summer Party 2017

    At Brightworks, we not only work hard but we play hard as well! 

    With 11 years of summer parties celebrating clients, friends, and staff under our belt, we really wanted to knock this year out of the park. We think we pulled it off. Come check out Camp Brightworks – Summer Party 2017.

  • Bayfield Provisions

    At Brightworks we love our snacks!

    That’s why we got together with Bayfield Provisions to work on the creative branding and packaging of their new sophisticated line of granola.

    Four unique flavors hit this summer’s farmers markets and were extremely well received. Read on to review them in detail.

  • MyChronicMigraine.ca Redesign

    It’s estimated that more than 370,000 Canadian adults suffer from chronic migraine. To better address their needs, we completely overhauled MyChronicMigraine.ca – improving site functionality, providing engaging, patient-focused content and adhering to WCAG accessibility standards. Check out the new and improved creative now!

  • AGO Massive Party 2016

    If there’s one thing we love at Brightworks, it’s a great party. This was our second time acting as the AGO Massive team’s Creative Partner and we think everyone would agree the party ante was upped in a major way this year. Check it out.

  • Allergan Botox 25th Anniversary Viewmaster

    What do the world’s first website, “Home Alone” and Botox all have in common? Well, for starters, they all debuted in 1990. Twenty-five years later, we figured a Botox anniversary celebration wouldn’t be much of a celebration without a little trip down memory lane. Cue the 90’s viewmaster!

  • BD American Diabetes Association Conference Virtual Reality Simulation

    Who knew one VR experience could have such a big impact? We put ADA conference goers in the shoes of a type 2 diabetes patient—and the results exceeded all expectations. Take a look.

  • BD Diabetes Innovations Facebook Community

    They like us. They really like us! At over 500,000 members and growing, the BD Innovations Facebook community proves love for healthcare content on social media does exist. See how we did it.

  • Ranbaxy Absorica Website

    Acne is a condition that not only affects patients physically, but also emotionally. For Absorica’s new patient site we had to strike a balance between engaging a younger demographic and meeting the FDA’s extensive Black Box drug content requirements. Despite the challenges, we’re very happy with how the site turned out. See why.

  • Bayer Rosacea Concierge

    Everyone loves the idea of concierge service—especially when it comes to your health! So it’s really no surprise Rosacea Concierge has been so popular with rosacea patients (and won its share of awards!). Keep reading to learn more about this unique program.

  • Allergan BeyondStroke.ca

    BeyondStroke.ca was in need of a refresh and did we ever give it one! The new and improved fully responsive site offers helpful tools, additional resources and is fully WCAG compliant. See how it all came together.

  • Bayer Oncology Stivarga Launch

    The launch of Stivarga was big for Bayer. It was the company’s first oncology product in over eight years, so we had to work to make sure we established Bayer as a recognizable player in the oncology market and define an unmet need for oncologists. Check out how we did it.

  • The Arthritis Foundation, Novartis & Men’s Health Network Tackle Gout Campaign

    Gout is a growing health issue affecting millions of Americans, yet most people have never heard of it. The Arthritis Foundation wanted to change that with an awareness campaign that would resonate with their primary target—men. And, well, what better way to get American men interested in their health than football? Take a look at the fun, award-winning creative.

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